“You must be the change you want to see in the world."

These are the words that brought Ecoshoppe PH into life.

It started with us looking for ways to make tiny dents and changes in the world. How do we encourage the world to stop producing excessive waste and embrace a better lifestyle if you don't do it yourself? Thus, the start of our journey towards looking for affordable, quality, and sustainable products for our own personal use. Then family and friends wanted to try the same products - the rest, as they say, is history.

Orders started piling in not just from friends, but from strangers too! We then realized that people just need a tiny nudge and push to start make the switch themselves.Ecoshoppe PH then came into fruition - a go-to shop for people's essentials and a go-to page for inspiring and educating content.

When sourcing for products and looking for brand partnerships, we always go back to these three questions:

Is it sustainable?

Is it accessible?

Is it pro-Filipino?

Ecoshoppe PH aims to continuously educate and encourage Filipinos from different walks of life to try making these tiny changes in their life as well. The more you embrace the culture of mindful shopping, the more you start reflecting on the rest of the changes we can make - supporting brands that care, voting for lawmakers that truly care for the country, and supporting organizations pushing for alternative solutions.

Because yes, change starts from within and then, emanates outwards. Cheers to choosing to improve and create a better community for the next generation!

- shar and hawOo, owners of Ecoshoppe PH