Caring for the environment means caring for your loved ones, family, and country. Wouldn't it be nice to leave the next generation with better environment, policies, and values? That would be the greatest we can give to the youth.

At Ecoshoppe PH, our goal is to encourage our customers to be mindful of the products they use and the lifestyle choices they make without compromising quality way of life. The cruelty-free products we carry were all designed by their brands with sustainability in mind.

The goal is to make sure we have quality products that can support customers from different stages of life - from someone who just began taking the tiny steps towards a more mindful lifestyle to someone looking for more ways to reducing their waste.

We commit to also minimizing our use of plastics in your orders - we use shredded papers and sticker labels as cushion, we wrap your orders with donated magazines, and offer plastic-free delivery via Lalamove and Grab. Switch to cassava bags are already being streamlined for couriers that require orders to be placed in pouches (hoping, this is finalized by November this year).

When you purchase from us, we hope that the products make you feel good outside and within - knowing that you are supporting homegrown products that care for our lands and seas.