Stronger Together

This global pandemic and crisis we've been experiencing since March may lead most of us to feeling anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed. It's important to acknowledge these emotions, but we hope that we can use these to fuel our need to unite and help each other while we face this crisis.

May we continue to find our own ways of helping out and supporting our front liners and the vulnerable sectors.

Ecoshoppe PH doing its part

On the early onset of the enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila, prices for alcohol and sanitizers have surged drastically. We then made a move to counter the overpricing of essential goods by slashing down the prices of our hand sanitizers.


Whatever profit we earned, we used them to purchase essential goods which we have donated to our essential service providers such as our courier riders, garbage collectors, local vendors, and more.

As firm believers that we can always start small from within our community, we are continuously donating face masks and sanitizers to our garbage collectors and vendors. 

We may be a small business, but we truly believe that no help can be small and every tiny support our essential workers receive, count more than ever.

Continuous safety measures when sending and receiving orders

We want our customers and riders to remain safe and healthy, so here are the things we do when processing your orders:

1. To also ensure the cleanliness of the products we ship out, we wash our hands and sanitize with alcohol before packing your orders.

2. We also wear a mask when packing your orders and handing them to the riders.

3. We will not schedule pick-ups in case one of us feels under the weather. Our flu shots are updated and we do our best not to go out unless necessary (Shar has not been outside since March too).

Here are the things you can also do once you receive your parcels:

1. Wear a reliable mask when receiving your order.

2. Provide an exact amount or better yet, go cashless (check GCash and Shopee Pay options) for your online orders.

3. Make sure to maintain enough distance when receiving orders. When asked to sign, use your own pen.

4. Disinfect your parcels upon receiving your order. Better, wait for 24 hours at least before opening the items.

5. Don't forget to wash your hands after and sanitize regularly.

How else can we help in this time of crisis?

As a small online business, we will continue to provide our followers and customers with important reminders and guidelines such as the one shown below.

As citizens, let's continue to support our frontlines by following protocols, avoiding social gatherings, and supporting for pleas for better policies and systems.

We can also choose to donate and support different organizations that are continuously helping the government battle this pandemic. For a compiled list of companies and organizations that you can reach out, check out this link here.

Stronger Together

"What I try to tell young people is that if you come together with a mission, and its grounded with love and a sense of community, you can make the impossible possible."

May we choose to find the love and strength in our hearts to continue to support each other - especially our vulnerable sectors. May we always find the courage to help and support those who need our compassion and kindness. 

To all our customers, we will always be grateful for your continuous support even in these trying times. Stay brave, kind, safe, and healthy!


shar and hawOo

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