Aiko Crochets: Get to know the brand behind these handmade earsavers

Aiko Crochets! was a passion project found from Aiko's love for the sea and crocheting. Meet Aiko, a physical oceanographer in the making, who loves the sea and crocheting.

Tell us more about the person behind your brand.

"I am Aiko, an MS Marine Science student research assistant in the University of the Philippines. I study swirls and blobs in the ocean using radar and satellites to relate it to ocean productivity. I learned how to crochet when I was 10, but abandoned it when I got into STEM. As a lone graduate student looking for a creative outlet during the pandemic, I have rediscovered my hobby of crocheting."

What's your "why" for pursuing this passion project/business?

"I wanted to be back in the ocean.

The longing for seeing the waves of the ocean brought me to my desk and crochet a coaster inspired by the Wave of Kanagawa. People loved it and started asking if I am selling it, hence the birth of Aiko Crochets!

I started Aiko Crochets! as my creative outlet and a source of zen during the pandemic. As it grew, I started exploring ways of making this art form into something that can inspire others. Hopefully, I'll be able to teach and crochet at the same time with this little passion project."

What are the advocacies close to your heart?

"Marine conservation, science communication, women in science"

Where do you see your project or business a year from now?

"I have lots of ideas for this project, but my big goal is to relate it to science communication. I'm currently working on creating pieces inspired by the ocean, sea creatures, and wetlands. Also, I want to be able to do workshops and create crochet kits for beginners and hobbyists."

Seeing that our abaca face masks might be used for a long period of time in a day, we realized that earsavers can help relieve the ngawit we might experience from continuous use of masks. 

Happy to discover that Aiko Crochets! creates handmade earsavers from sustainable materials. Even the earsaver holder and label are made from recyclable materials! 

These earsavers are made from 100% cotton and coconut buttons. They can even boost your fashion gaming in these crazy times. We currently have earsavers in Cream and Navy Blue and you can match these with our abaca masks in Cloud and Midnight.

 Feel free to send us a message if you want a particular earsaver color, and help us decide the next shades we'll request from Aiko!

For other commissions and customized crochet designs, you may message her through @aikocrochets.

To get your own earsaver and abaca mask from us, check out the links below:

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