Lush by SBH: Turning Passion Into a Business That Empowers Others

"I decided to make a small brand promoting self-care and to remind people to love their own selves more."

Lush by SBH was founded through Vineece's personal self-discovery and journey. She is a civil engineer by profession and is now a small business owner who aims to promote mindful self-care to her followers and community.

Running our business comes with an amazing perk - we get to meet and get to know amazing brands and their founders. Lush by SBH is a Camarines Sur- based brand that offers handcrafted artisanal soaps, room sprays, scented candles, and oil-based perfumes.

Vineece is a young small business owner who turned her passion for organic and handcrafted products into a profitable business. It's a pleasure to ask Vineece her "origin story" and we hope that through her passion and motivation, you will feel inspired to go ahead and take that next leap.

Pivoting through the uncertaintities.

"Hi, I'm Vineece, a Civil Engineering Graduate. I started my small business during the pandemic when my board exam was postponed & me quitting my job and first business sa construction world."

The past few years have dealt us with uncertainties and most of us had to pivot through our plans with the "new normal". Vineece is not an exemption - when the pandemic hit, she was set to take the next civil engineering board exams.

What inspired you to launch Lush by SBH?

"My initial plan was to release stress and anxiety by making crafts but decided to make a small brand promoting self-care and to remind people to 'love yourself more' ."

From a personal commitment to allot enough time for her me-time and self-care routine, Vineece realized that her craft and passion can turn into something much bigger. She realized that the people around her are starting to get curious about the handcrafted organic products that she has been making. 

From self to others: sharing an advocacy dear to her. 

Similar to her original path as a civil engineer, Vineece realized that promoting organic products do not just involve and benefit her. Offering alternative options that are less harmful to the environment is a fulfilling role as it also helps her and the people around her be more aware of environmental issues and causes. 

"I want my brand to be gentle on the environment too & as much as possible -- free from harsh or harmful chemicals. I want to introduce sa (Camarines Sur-market) yung self-care the natural and mindful way."

I am hoping na makilala sa market yung mga eco-friendly products like artisan soaps, shampoo & conditioner bar, natural deo and many more. Kasi minsan may mga tao na when you say it's organic is ang nasa isip nila 'effective ba yan?'"

Motivated to create and educate more at the same time, Vineece has expanded Lush by SBH and it now has a wide range of artisan products. True to her core values, she makes sure that she only uses ethically-sourced ingredients and makes sure that self-care is accessible for everyone.

With Lush by SBH's growing line of artisan products, do you have your personal favorites?

Vineece is a proud momma to each of her new handcrafted product. She loves each one she launches and feel like she can't honestly choose from her current collection. 

"Well, obviously my favorite products sa brand ko is everything naman kasi I use all my products for my self-care ritual. I use my soaps & scrub during bath time, my scented candles whenever I want to relax, room spray to freshen up my space."

"I love my perfume line to express my mood and myself."

Lush by SBH now offers handcrafted and eco-friendly self-care products. Our shop houses all of Lush by SBH's collection including its lines of scented candles, multipurpose aroma spray, artisanal soaps, and perfume.

Now that Lush by SBH is more accessible through our platform, what are you looking forward to in the next few months?

"What I am looking forward with this collaboration is gusto ko ma-introduce & to let people know that it's good to switch to organic. 💖🌹"

Vineece remains passionate and motivated to show her love for organic and handcrafted products. Her shop's distance from her Luzon customers is no longer a problem now that Ecoshoppe PH is housing her artisanal products. 

Through this collaboration, Lush by SBH is now made more accessible thanks to the multiple payment, plastic-free and same-day delivery options. 

As owners of Ecoshoppe PH, we are happy to collaborate and continue to grow stronger with local artisans like Vineece. Her drive, motivation, and passion inspire us to showcase and house more young makers like her!

May her story remind us that life may surprise us, but once we find the path that makes us feel fulfilled, everything will fall into place. Here's to supporting young artisans and local makers. This April, let's support artisans like Lush by SBH and invest in their dreams too. 

Cheers to all the dreamers, makers, and the brave ones!

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