Introducing MAGWAI's New Sustainable Beauty Essentials: Hydrating Facial Bar and Salon Care Purple Shampoo Bar

Here at Ecoshoppe PH, we are thrilled to bring you the latest additions to our sustainable product collection from MAGWAI. Embrace eco-friendly self-care with the MAGWAI Hydrating Facial Bar and Salon Care Purple Shampoo Bar. Alongside their original line of sunscreen, shampoo bars, and beach towels made from ten plastic bottles, these new products are designed to elevate your beauty routine while promoting sustainability. Join us as we delve into the details of these exciting additions and explore their unique benefits.

MAGWAI Hydrating Facial Bar: Unveiling the Natural Glow Within

Experience the power of nature with the MAGWAI Hydrating Facial Bar. This convenient and plastic-free bar allows you to wash away the day while preserving your natural glow. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera, this facial bar deeply moisturizes your face, keeping it supple and refreshed while gently cleansing your skin. Similar to MAGWAI's shampoo bar, the Facial Bar is pH balanced and sulfate-free, ensuring that your face's natural pH level and oils remain intact.

Designed for normal to sensitive skin types, this non-drying facial bar offers a range of benefits. Its pH-balanced formula minimizes pores, while its non-comedogenic properties prevent clogged pores and breakouts. With plastic-free and adhesive-free packaging, the MAGWAI Hydrating Facial Bar is a sustainable choice that lasts up to 125 washes. Simply rub between wet hands to create a lather, gently massage onto your face, rinse thoroughly with water, and pat dry for a fresh and rejuvenated complexion.


MAGWAI Salon Care Purple Shampoo Bar: Embrace Vibrant Blondes Sustainably


Say goodbye to unwanted yellow and brassy tones with the MAGWAI Salon Care Purple Shampoo Bar. This innovative bar is your secret weapon for achieving that crisp blonde you've always desired. Infused with beetroot extract, Argan oil, and Jojoba oil, this purple shampoo bar not only neutralizes brassy tones in bleached hair but also restores moisture to your hair and scalp, ensuring a healthy and moisturized look for longer.

The MAGWAI Salon Care Purple Shampoo Bar offers a pH-balanced formula made with natural ingredients. Free from sulfates, it gently cleanses your hair without stripping away essential oils, promoting a vibrant and lustrous blonde shade. With a lasting usage of up to 80 washes, this plastic-free bar is both an eco-friendly and effective solution for maintaining your desired hair color. To use, simply rub between wet hands to create a lather or apply directly to your hair, massage into your hair and scalp, and rinse thoroughly with water for best results.

At Ecoshoppe PH, we understand the importance of convenience and sustainability. That's why we offer installment options for your MAGWAI purchases, making it easier than ever to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Additionally, you can enjoy same-day delivery for a seamless shopping experience.


With the MAGWAI Hydrating Facial Bar and Salon Care Purple Shampoo Bar, you can enhance your beauty routine while prioritizing sustainability. Join us in embracing the #MayTheSustainableForceBeWithYou movement and choose products that not only make a difference but also deliver exceptional results. Visit our shop today and discover the power of MAGWAI's new sustainable beauty essentials.


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