Hip Kitchen MNL: Empowering Local Farmers and Entrepreneurs through Delicious and Healthy Products

As consumers, we all want to support local businesses, especially those that prioritize health and sustainability. This is where Hip Kitchen MNL comes in – a local brand that offers a unique and delicious breakfast option: cornflakes made from polenta. And to pair with it, they also offer a traditional Pinoy coffee made from rice. But what makes these products so special?

Healthier and Tastier Breakfast: Polenta Cornflakes by Hip Kitchen MNL

Hip Kitchen MNL's cornflakes are not your regular cornflakes found in supermarkets. They are made from polenta – a dish typically made from boiled cornmeal. Dom, the owner of Hip Kitchen MNL, sources her cornmeal directly from local suppliers, ensuring that she only uses the freshest and most high-quality ingredients.

Polenta is not only a healthier option than regular cornmeal, but it is also gluten-free and contains more fiber, protein, and vitamins. Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast that tastes amazing has never been easier!

Sip on Tradition: Hip Kitchen MNL's Rice Coffee

Hip Kitchen MNL also offers a traditional Pinoy coffee made from rice, sourced from local farmers in Isabela, Cagayan Valley. Dom personally roasts and grinds the rice to create a unique and delicious coffee that's perfect for those who want a caffeine fix without the jitters or acidity of regular coffee.

Rice coffee is a traditional Filipino coffee that has been around for centuries. In fact, it was commonly consumed during the Spanish colonial period when coffee beans were scarce and expensive. Filipinos turned to locally available ingredients such as rice, corn, and barley to create their own coffee alternatives. Rice coffee is made from roasted rice grains, which are ground and brewed like regular coffee beans.

It has a distinct nutty and toasty flavor and is a great alternative for those who are sensitive to caffeine or looking for a healthier option. Not only is rice coffee a delicious beverage, but it also carries a rich cultural history and tradition in the Philippines.

Empowering Local Farmers and Entrepreneurs with Hip Kitchen MNL

Hip Kitchen MNL is a women-owned business, with Dom as the founder and sole creator of her products. As a single mom, Dom started her business as a way to provide for her family while also supporting local farmers. Her passion for health and sustainability drove her to create her own unique products, which have gained popularity among health-conscious and socially responsible consumers.

Supporting local businesses like Hip Kitchen MNL not only provides you with healthy and delicious products, but it also empowers local farmers and entrepreneurs. By choosing to buy local, we can all contribute to the growth of our local economy and create a better future for all. 

And the good news is, you can easily get your hands on Hip Kitchen MNL's products right here at Ecoshoppe PH. So, the next time you're looking for a healthy and sustainable breakfast option or a traditional Pinoy coffee fix, give Hip Kitchen MNL a try and support our #LocalLoveForSummer movement!

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