Handpicked: Shar's Hair Care Essentials #RoadToBeingARapunzel

I have struggled with hair fall since high school and stress from college has just made my hair situation worse. I’ve noticed the drastic decrease in my hairline and as years go by, maintaining long hair has not been an option for me.

I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out so that I have enough to donate to cancer organizations and be a Rapunzel (someone who donates their healthy long mane to organizations). But the amount of hair fall was too much that I always agree to cut it short before I get the chance to donate. 

Since then, I’ve done my best to make my hair stronger and healthier to lessen hair fall. I’ve consulted with my dermatologist about this and learned proper ways to wash and maintain my hair.

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It was also this time when I started exploring less harsh options for my hair care products and now, I think I have found the best combination for me.

Daily Essentials: Ecobar PH’s Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

Ecobar PH’s Thickening Shampoo Bar is made from rosemary oil, gugo, polygalia, and patchouli making this both oh-so fragrant and effective. Ever since I made the switch, I’ve noticed how stronger my hair strands have become. I can also see tiny hairs growing out from my scalp! I’ve decided to actually grow my hair out once more without the fear of excessive hair fall. I rarely comb my hair and I can see how my hair is still so easy to comb through using my hand. People around get even surprised when I tell them I haven’t combed my hair yet because it is that smooth looking!

For those just starting to switch to shampoo bars, there could be a transition period for you as our scalp would excrete the chemicals and dirt clogged on its pores. But it will just be for a while and you might not even get to this phase *fingers crossed*. Also, if your hair is not as oily, try to only use the bar every other day since your hair does not need that much washing anyway.

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The conditioner bar I use is Repair and Nourish. This should be enough since that’s what conditioner (bar and liquid form) are supposed to do. Repair the ends and provide them with extra TLC. I use my conditioner bar every day so when you do order, I advise stocking up on the conditioner bar. 

This is a general advice for all kinds of conditioner: no need to apply on your scalp. Hair nearest to scalp have all the moisture that they need since they’ve just relatively newer parts. So, to reduce the oiliness of your hair, just work on your strands and hair ends when using conditioners.

If you also have weak strands like I used to, try to air dry your hair first before combing. So, if you don't have much time in the morning, make sure to take a bath first before doing any other errands so your newly washed hair would have enough time to dry before you leave the house.

Pamper Products: Virginal Coconut Oil and Hair Mask

For the extra care and for days you have more time to focus on your hair, it’s best to pamper it with products that will boost its natural moisture and make your strands stronger. My go-to pamper products are actually Human Heart Nature's Virgin Coconut Oil and now, HHN’s Natural Hair Revival Coco Mask. Yes, I love the scent of coconuts on my hair. Come to think of it, I love all things coconut!

VCO’s, in general, are known to be great at making your strands stronger and giving your hair with extra moisture. The problem with most coconut oils is that you’re not guaranteed that the ingredients were sustainably sourced and if the farmers were paid fairly for their crops. This makes Human Heart Nature’s VCO guilt-free: farmers are paid higher than their counterparts and products are cruelty-free.

I also love its packaging and how this can be returned back to the main branch for repurposing. So, how do I use VCO on my hair?

First, on a day where you can allot more time on hair care, wash your hair with shampoo and air dry it. Prepare a bowl with hot water and the VCO on a smaller bowl. Place the bowl with the VCO into the warm water and let the heat do its charms first.

Next, lather your hair with the now warm oil. Make sure your scalp and strands are fully covered with VCO oil. If you have a shower cap, cover your hair with it after and wait for 45 minutes – 1 hour before rinsing. So, it’s best to arrange this so that you can still do extra chores while waiting for the 45 mins to pass.

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If you can’t spare 45 minutes for VCO treatment, you can always use a coco mask. Mine is from the same brand, Human Heart Nature, and I use it on weekends when I have a long list of chores or meetups and I can’t spend an hour on with a shower cap. Instructions are already provided on the packaging.

Same with VCO, shampoo your hair and air dry it. After doing so, cover your hair with the coco mask from scalp to strands. Human Heart Nature’s Natural Hair Revival Hair Coco Mask only requires you 10 – 15 minutes so it really cuts down the time for you. The fruity-tropical scent is also a plus for me aside from the extra softness and moisture it gives you right after.

I always pamper my hair with coco mask when I meet up with friends and they have given me great comments about how my hair smells so good and looks so well made as if I just came from the salon.

On becoming a Rapunzel

So, with proper hair care routine, less stress, and healthier eating habits, happy to finally start this journey of donating my hair to Hair for Hope.

These photos were taken last November 2019 and I'm hoping I can donate once more next year. For Hair for Hope's hair donation guidelines, please check: https://www.facebook.com/notes/hair-for-hope/hair-donation-frequently-asked-questions-and-guidelines-effective-october-1-2019/2347110692186473/. 🌏💚 I hope with my hair care tips, you'll be able to grow your hair out too and hopefully, become a Rapunzel yourself!

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