Ecoshoppe PH as of Day 1376

New look, same goals, better service 🌎💚✨

It’s time to review and reestablish what we do here at Ecoshoppe PH with our new logo: we are your one-stop online shop for all things local and eco-friendly. 

We love that Nano Creatives helped us create our new logo and designed it with a hidden “e” to represent our unique value proposition.

eco-friendly, efficient, elevated, emergent, engaging, essential, e-commerce

It’s almost four years since we’ve launched Ecoshoppe PH and we’re overwhelmed by the continuous support we’ve received from our community! 

We’ve started as dropshipping microbusiness and have grown over the years to be a one-stop online shop for all things local and eco-friendly. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned running a business for more than three years is that one’s growth will greatly depend on how you treat people - this is a humbling realization and is a lesson we’ll always bring with us as we continue to grow.

We are grateful for all the brands that have trusted and given us the opportunity to grow along with them. As of today, we are proud to house these amazing brands that always go beyond:

  • Ecobar PH 
  • Arka Naturals
  • Human Nature
  • Precious Herbal 
  • Mayumi Organics
  • Habi Lifestyle
  • 7XB Abaca Masks
  • Diwatang Maria
  • Zippies PH
  • Slidr PH
  • Aurae Natura
  • JCI Philippines RiceStraws
  • Crystal Glow
  • Bare Bosom

...and we can’t wait to grow this roster of amazing brands and to watch these amazing brands grow. We’ve expanded our space and we’re excited to see your other favorite local brands in our shop. If you are also a startup like us, please let us grow together!


For all our customers who’ve been with us since Day 1 and even Day 1376, maraming salamat po! Through your trust and support, we’ve grown as a brand and given us the chance to collaborate with amazing organizations and communities that align with our core values.

Our vision remains the same: 

Making pro-environment and sustainable products more accessible to Filipinos.

This is why we’ve done our best for the past three years to be as accessible and as visible as possible. Our roster of products is a mix of affordable and premium items to welcome everyone who wants to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. We’ve integrated different payment and courier solutions and are present on different marketplaces to meet you halfway through your journey. 

We’d love to give these startups the love they deserve:

  • EcoShip Asia for being our going-to courier for excellent and eco-friendly shipping.
  • GCash’s GLife for helping us make our Gcash customers’ transactions even smoother.
  • TendoPay for giving our website customers an option to pay in installment. 
  • SwiftPay for patiently working with us as we make our website’s payment process smoother. 
  • Shopee for giving our customers a chance to try our products while remaining on their budget: by saving on shipping and earning additional cashback.
  • Grab Madiskarteng Boss Club for giving our customers discounted same-day shipping rates (as low as Php 79) and shop rebates.

It’s amazing when you take a step back and see how far you’ve grown. Aside from the brands that we house, we also have our own line of products now. We want to continue keeping this experience magical for customers, so we’ll continue to research, improve, and find ways to support different causes through our growing line of products! 


We can’t wait to see our customers thrive in their own passion projects and advocacies, excited to see what amazing products our brand partners will offer in the future, and hope to find more startups and brands to grow with us. Join us in our journey and follow our hashtag, #StrongerTogetherWithEcoshoppePH! 

Ecoshoppe will not be where it is without everyone’s support, and we will continue to join everyone in their journey towards a greener tomorrow!

- Shar and Harold 

🌍 For plastic-free delivery (Metro Manila only), please choose EcoshipAsia on our website or on GLife.
🛵 For same-day delivery, we can book Grab (4 hours) or Toktok/ Lalamove delivery from 9AM - 5PM.
📍 We're based in North Caloocan (Google Map: Ecoshoppe PH)

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