Cousin Goals: Meet the Women Behind #FreeYourself Movement

Local, conscious, and empowering ✊🏽

Bare Bosom is a local brand with the spirit to provide all types of titty a high-quality nipple tape with the advocacy to foster the growing community of using less-to-zero plastic waste. It's time that we meet the women behind this amazing homegrown brand!

We love their nipple tapes, we love their advocacy, so now, let's begin learning and loving the journey behind Bare Bosom.

Bare Bosom is run by a two-woman team: Paula and Ahndrea. It was Paula who founded and started the business. When she started scaling Bare Bosom, she realized that she needs her ever-reliable far-cousin and childhood best friend, Ahndrea. Bare Bosom is now growing thanks to the amazing teamwork between these two young women! #CousinGoals

We finally got a chance to get to know Bare Bosom's founder, Paula, last week and it's time for everyone to learn more about the Bare Bosom and its advocacies.

Tell us more about Bare Bosom.

Bare Bosom is a small venture that sells matte & seamless nipple tapes. So we started really small and dreamt big. At first, we launched with 2 shades only just to test our market. Today, we are showcasing four shades perfect for embodying the Filipino skin tone.

I think what we want to improve from our end is for our price to be available to the masses. Then the advocacy of environmental sustainability followed. When I finally decided to market our products, I cannot fathom how much waste we’ll create just from the production.

To be honest, our mission at the moment is to be a voice and an influence to our customers and fellow business owners to lessen the incorporated waste during production and packaging.

Aside from the goal of empowering everyone to wear nipple tapes, Paula is true to her words. They have continuously been improving their packaging and researching other ways they can reduce their carbon footprint while running Bare Bosom.

The truth is, there are a lot of nipple tapes on the market. What makes Bare Bosom a special brand is its voice, its commitment to reducing waste, and its endless passion to look for solutions.

What makes Bare Bosom unique from other nipple tapes?

Personally, I believe that we are not really separated from other nipple covers. Bare Bosom functions as what nipple tape should, yet our product strictly adheres when worn, yet you can rely on it even underwater. As per testaments from our customers, Bare Bosom sticks really well even under long periods of time and is really seamless. But as we see it, we highly differ on the way we approach the sustainability and environmental impact of our product.


I believe that we have been dedicated to bringing the most eco-conscious and zero-waste packaging we could think of. Actually, at first, we tried to use a reusable ziplock for the nipple tape casing. Our reason for that time is the ziplock is not for one-time usage and is non-disposable. Plus it costs cheaper. So, we leveraged our sustainability through our packaging per se where instead of bubble wraps we resorted to honeycomb wrappers.


As time went on, we researched and crowdsourced if it is feasible for us to consider a paper-based casing. Luckily, it is. Today, we’re using recycled papers as fillers. We’re also looking forward to compostable packaging, of course through the help of research.

Bare Bosom supports all things that empower one’s spirit. Our brand completely welcomes everyone, with no reservations. Their advocacy and commitment to empowering everyone and protecting the planet make them an instant favorite even in our shop (as you know, we're currently restocking on their nipple tapes again!). 

Customers' support for this local brand is all thanks to Paula's vision, Ahndrea's tireless support, and their commitment to staying true to their core values. Of course, when you meet amazing women like Paula and Ahndrea, you'd definitely want to find out who they look up to as well.

For Paula, it's someone close to home. 

These are actual Bare Bosom users - all grabbed

What is an empowered woman for you?

An empowered woman to me is someone like my mom. She was and is an online seller until today. I think she started around 2013, now she has her own store, all built from scratch. It’s not easy to maintain a business especially when day-to-day struggles cross along the way.

As I have experienced it with Bare Bosom going 1 year old this month, the rollercoaster ride wasn’t really easy, but it was worth the hustle! I remembered I was working a 9-6 Monday to Friday job back then. I have to squeeze in the time for packing our orders after work until early dawn. I have also tried different ways how to get by and still provide quality service in order for our business to stay afloat. Nonetheless, we keep on learning.

I think the attitude that my mother has when it comes to her business is very crucial for Bare Bosom too. It was sort of an inspiration and guidance on where to move forward.

Seeing brands grow is one of the amazing privileges that we get to experience as retailers.  With a strong support system, a growing Bare Bosom community, and tenacity to continuously grow, Paula and Ahndrea can reach amazing heights in the years to come. And, we can't wait to see how this growth unfolds.

What should customers look forward to from Bare Bosom in the next few months?

For our short-term goal, for the next few months, Bare Bosom plan on going zero-disposable packaging. We’re really looking for compostable and/or long-term wrappers so we can amplify and extend our sustainability advocacy. Also, we are eyeing plant-based washing soap for our nipple covers. This would cover the extra care we need when cleaning our product!

For the long term, some of our customers have been asking if it is possible to create a biodegradable nipple tape. This is very crucial yet would be a great achievement in the name of sustainability if ever this would come to life. We are trying to research if this would be also possible.

Bare Bosom is just getting started and fans of this brand will have a lot to look forward to. With how fast Bare Bosom has grown in the past year, we are optimistic that they will achieve these short and long-term goals.

With the issues about the world that we constantly face, it is refreshing and comforting to know we have young women like Paula and Ahndrea. We have a lot to learn from Bare Bosom's team when it comes to taking braver and braver steps each day and continuing to feel hopeful that we can make a dent in this world.

We can begin by choosing locally-sourced and sustainably-curated silicone nipple tapes. Choose Bare Bosom.

Time to #FreeYourself with Bare Bosom's nipple tapes. They are now made more accessible thanks to the multiple paymentplastic-free and same-day deliveroptions in our shop.

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